Cooking Up Something Good

The Start of Something New

Let me tell you about an amazing offer that only benefits me and my constituents. 

I’d like to remain faithful to what I wanted this tumblr to be: a home for all my projects to collide together, and they’ll do just that.

Recently, I had become the Band Manager for a chicago based act called Hotels On MarsMy friend Matt Weitman called me over the summer and trusted me enough with the responsibility to showcase his work. If you are interested in listening to some of his tunes, click on the band’s name in bold. Up there. There’s a link to his bandcamp and all the music is free.

I’m also currently in a screenwriting workshop writing on a feature, and I’m currently taking a break from writing it. I’ve been told that distancing myself from my work would probably help me with editing it in the future. So for now, I’m writing several sketches.

I’m also in a fiction writing workshop. I have a project that I will hopefully have finished by the end of the semester. I’ll be sure to share in some format suitable.

That’s it for now. I’ll post those sketches once they are filmed.

Thanks for reading,


Ayo, Technology!

This is going to be the one stop shop for all the curios you can find on the demented chicagoan, and filmmaker Kurt Santana. 

I have no reason as to why I’m speaking in third person, but it adds for dramatic effect, no?

Okay, so first things first! I got rid of my old email:

So, if you wanted that handle, it’s yours!!!

That means I have a new Youtube account!!!

None of those crappy student assignments from high school!

Also, I dabble in radio. If you’re interested, I have a number of radio dramas I produced last year and I’ll adding new material soon!

Here’s the link for that:

That’s pretty much everything so far. I’ll keep ya updated on regular quirks too!

Off to NY tomorrow! See ya then.